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Hawaii Marine Company - naval architecture, boat & yacht design, marine, nautical & offshore engineering, maritime expert witness, marine photography, NAVIC 10-92 submittals, nautical systems, professional engineer, stability tests, computer aided design and drafting services Those involved with nautical & professional engineering sectors can benefit from these products.  Products are suitable for use by Naval Architects, Marine, Ocean, Nautical, Offshore, Structural, Civil & Mechanical Engineers, Sailors, Ship, Yacht & Boat Designers, Vessel Owners & Operators, Boat Builders, Construction Contractors & others.
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  • Additional Software Resources:
    • This free Open Office Suite can be downloaded online by clicking here.  It includes Writer a great word processor program that includes converting documents to PDF format! It also includes Calc a spreadsheet, Math a math presentation creator, Base a database, and Impress a presentation software similar to Power Point.  (We don't guarantee that this software will work with our templates, but as far as we know this software has worked with our templates.)

    • Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack makes it easier to share files The 2007 Microsoft Office system introduces new XML-based file formats that are incompatible with previous Microsoft Office files. With this download, and Office XP or Office 2003 you can open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the file formats of the new the 2007 versions of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.