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Specific references required are normally stated in the electronic worksheets. 

Read the articles "Understanding Stability" and "Understanding Trim" to get a foundational understanding of how to use many of these templates.  This article describes fundamental concepts that must be grasped for doing effective stability calculations.  It cover's the vessel's weight contribution, the vessel's shape (hydrostatic) contribution and how to tie these two sets of input together for determining transverse stability.  The article is for transverse stability but the concepts do carry over into longitudinal stability.

Another method to learn about stability is to study simple barge stability and then progress to more complex boat an ship shapes.  See the article entitled "Quick Barge Trim, List and GM (Initial Stability) Calculations."

The parallel axis theorem is important both to structures and stability.  There is an article entitled "The Parallel Axis Theorem."

The following are some general references that are recommended for background preparation.

bullet Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations,
Parts 170-174, Subchapter S - Stability

bullet NAVIGATION AND VESSEL INSPECTION CIRCULAR NO. 8-87 With Change 1: Notes on Design, Construction, Inspection and Repair of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Vessels
bullet NAVIGATION AND VESSEL INSPECTION CIRCULAR NO. 11-80: Structural Plan Review Guidelines for Aluminum Small Passenger Vessel
bullet NAVIGATION AND VESSEL INSPECTION CIRCULAR NO. 12-83: Intact Stability for Towing and Fishing Vessels: Research Results
bullet MSC Guidelines for Review of Stability for Uninspected Tugboats
bullet MSC Marine Technical Note - MTN 01-01 Towline Pull Criteria for Vessels Equipped with Z Drives, dated September 17, 2001.
bullet Guide to Sound Ship Structures, by Amelio D'Arcangelo This excellent reference is out of print, but it is sometimes available used on eBay.
bullet Marine Design Manual for Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics, by Gibbs & Cox.  This reference is out of print, but it is sometimes available used on eBay.
bullet A. I. S. C. Manual of Steel Construction, great source for area properties (area, centroids, moments of inertia and section modulus) of various structural sections.
bullet Common Mistakes Made in the Design of Aluminum Weldments, by Frank Armao, Senior Application Engineer, The Lincoln Electric Company, Cleveland, Ohio.
bullet Fiberglass Boat Design & Construction, Robert Scott.  This reference is available online from the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

Miscellaneous References
involving classification society rules, AutoCAD, Excel, MathCAD and AutoCAD.  You can get additional information on these references without buying them by first clicking on the "Buy from" button then clicking on the text "read more" in the window that pops up.
  • Principles of Naval Architecture, Volume I, by Lewis
  • Applied Naval Architecture, by Zulaby
  • Introduction to Naval Architecture, by Tupper
  • Introduction to Naval Architecture, by Gilmer
  • Nature of Boats, by Dave Gerr
  • Principles of Yacht Design, by Larson & Eliasson
  • Propeller Handbook, by Dave Gerr
  • Elements of Boat Strength, by Dave Gerr
  • Basic Ship Theory, Volume I, by Rawson and Tupper
  • Basic Ship Theory, Volume II, by Rawson & Tupper
  • MathCAD 2001 I Premium, by MathSoft
  • MathCAD 6 Professional, by MathSoft
  • Office XP Professional Special Edition, by Microsoft
  • Excel, by Microsoft
  • Works 2003, with Word & Picture It, by Microsoft
  • DesignCAD 3D Max, by Upperspace
  • TurboCAD 8 Professional, by IMSI
  • AutoCAD LT 2002, by AutoDesk

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