NAVAL ARCHITECT                                                                                             CURRICULUM VITAE, 7/28/22

MARINE ENGINEER                                                                  BRIAN E. TRENHAILE,

                                                                                                                Registered Professional Engineer,

                                                                                                                45-302 Makalani St.

                                                                                                                Kaneohe, HI    96744-2819

                                                                                                                Work/Fax: (808) 247-6443

                                                                                                                Home: (808) 235-0870




BACKGROUND:        For over four decades Mister Trenhaile consistently demonstrates an ability to apply his broad work experience and education in naval architecture, marine engineering, safety and contracting.  He often serves as an admiralty, maritime, boating or marine engineering expert witness.  Besides testimony, he provides engineering reports, calculations (failure analysis, stability, safe design, etc.) and drawings for litigation.  His work also involves forensic marine surveying which includes testimony analysis, safety and regulatory issues, site photography, incident reconstruction, and marine human factors engineering (or ergonomics).  He is also involved in the design, renovation and certification of commercial, public and private vessels.  He is interested and capable of working on all types of vessels.  His work reflects a basic philosophy that vessels are to be strong, seaworthy, functional, safe, economical and aesthetic.                                                   




HISTORY:                       Naval Architect and Marine Engineer (Registered)

                                    HAWAII MARINE COMPANY, Kaneohe, Hawaii       6/81-present


                                    Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

                                    SINCLAIR AND ASSOCIATES, Honolulu, Hawaii       4/80-4/82


                                    Project Engineer and Quality Assurance Manager

                                    PACIFIC MARINE, A UNITEK COMPANY, Honolulu, Hawaii       2/77 - 5/81


                                    Scientific Aide, Ship Structural Department

                                    M. ROSENBLATT AND SON, San Francisco, CA.       7/76 - 8/76


                                    Assistant to Vice President of Operations

                                    PACIFIC MARINE AND SUPPLY CO., LTD., Honolulu, HI.        9/71 - 8/74


                                    Boat Builder (Fiberglass Vessels)

                                    PIPER MARINE CRAFT, Honolulu, HI.       7/71 - 8/71


                                    Boat Builder and Draftsman (Wooden Vessels)

                                    HAWAIIAN SEAMASTER SAMPANS, INC., Kaneohe, HI.      4/71 - 7/71


EDUCATION:            Bachelor of Science in Engineering, in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering,

                                    UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor, Michigan  1974 - 1976

                                    Liberal Arts, Math & Science Classes, Leeward Community College and

                                    Windward Community College, Pearl City and Kaneohe, HI.  1971-1973

                                    Structural Engineers Refresher Course & Sailing Course, The College of Continuing Education,

                                    UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII, Manoa, HI. 1979

                                    Celestial Navigation Course, THE BISHOP MUSEUM PLANETARIUM, Honolulu, Hi. 1978

                                    Safety and Health Training for Small Business Contractors,

                                    U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu, Hi., 27 August 2003.

                                    Contractor Quality Management Certificate, Naval Facilities Engineering Command,

                                    Pacific Division, Honolulu, Hi., 23-25 September 2003.

                                    30 Hour OSHA Course, Safety First Management Group, Honolulu, Hi. 2003,

                                    Exam Passed on 26 September 2003.


AFFILIATIONS:       SOCIETY OF NAVAL ARCHITECT & MARINE ENGINEERS, Member 1977 - present (Served two terms as secretary-treasurer 1978 -1980, and on the Executive Committee 1981-1983 for the Hawaii Section, SNAME.)

                                    NATIONAL SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS, Associate Member 1978 - 1982

                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NAVAL ENGINEERS, Member 1979-1985

                                    AMERICAN BOAT & YACHT COUNCIL, Member 1994 2020

                                    NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE, Debate Judge, 2003-2004 academic year

                                    INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARINE INVESTIGATORS, Member, May 2004 July 2022


CERTIFICATES:      Eveleen Hunt Scholarship, the University of Michigan

                                    Deans Honor List, The University of Michigan, 1975

                                    Professional Engineers Certificate (Engineering Fundamentals Exam)
                                    State of Hawaii, issued 7/26/77

                                    Professional Engineers Certificate (Part II Naval Architecture &
                                    Marine Engineering),
State of Washington, issued 8/27/82-present



& LECTURES:          Trade Magazine Article Entitled Understanding Stability, Hawaii Ocean Industry and Shipping News,  April/May 1998 Issue, Honolulu, Hawaii.

                                    Seminar Speaker to Graduates, Undergraduates & Instructors, Message Entitled Designing the Next Generation Hawaiian SampanOctober 24, 1997 at Department of Ocean Engineering, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii.

                                    Lecture Session for USCG Marine Inspectors, Entitled Areas, Centroids, Weights, Moments, Transverse Stability and Trim May 11, 1995 at United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, Pier 7, Honolulu, HI.

                                    Lecture Session for USCG Marine Inspectors, Entitled Structural Analysis and Practical Structural Inspection Guidance, May 12, 1995 at United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Office, Pier 7, Honolulu, HI.

                                    Web Article Entitled Understanding Trim, available on Hawaii Marine website at:, 2004, Kaneohe, Hawaii.

                                    Web Article Entitled Composite (Laminated) Section Analysis, Equivalent Area Method, available on Hawaii Marine website at:, April 30, 2010, Kaneohe, Hawaii.

                                    Web Example Entitled Example of Composite (Laminated) Section Analysis, Equivalent Area Method, available online at:, May 7, 2010, Kaneohe, Hawaii.



EXPERIENCE:          Registered Professional Engineer

                                    Naval Architect and Marine Engineer 

                                    HAWAII MARINE CO., Kaneohe, HI.    6/81 - to present

                                                            In this position Mr. Trenhaile demonstrates a wide variety of experience.  Responsibilities entail expert witness services (including forensic marine surveying), client contact, design, calculations, engineering reports, letters, specifications compliance, vessel optimizations, project management, vessel stability testing, computer aided drafting and design.

                                                His expert witness work includes testimony, engineering reports, calculations (failure analysis, stability, safe design, etc.), scaled drawings, testimony analysis, safety and regulatory issues, research, photography, incident reconstruction and marine human factors engineering (or ergonomics).  He serves as an expert in admiralty, maritime, boating, naval architecture, marine engineering and yacht design. 

                                                As a principal engineer for this firm Mister Trenhaile is often responsible for "design synthesis." This is where he is required to come up with (or derive) special engineering solutions where no previous procedure is known to exist.

                                                Some of the projects completed by Mr. Trenhaile are as follows: Worked as part of a team for obtaining U.  S. Navy certification of a 517' steel floating dry-dock.  He has also conducted or participated in several vessel stability tests involving tugs, workboats, fishing boats, passenger vessels and a drydock.

                                                He was also responsible for designing the following vessels; 72' x 24' Steel Passenger Riverboat, 79' Commercial Fishing Vessel, 60' x 30' Steel Passenger Transfer Catamaran Float, 41' Steel Commercial Fishing Vessel, 27' Fiberglass Tour Diving Boat, 13 clear kayak and a 12'x 8' Wood Utility Catamaran.  Numerous structural and stability calculations, computer models, engineering reports and computer drawings were done on other vessels as well.

                                                Much of his work requires compliance to U. S. Coast Guard and American Bureau of Shipping rules and regulations. 



                                                Naval Architect

                                    SINCLAIR AND ASSOCIATES, Honolulu, HI.    4/80-4/82

                                                                Here Mr. Trenhaile completed a comprehensive stability analysis for a dredge barge while in operation and at sea, in accordance with the United States Coast Guard criteria for safe operation and transit.  He also did the loading analysis and complete weights and moments calculation for the barge and also the crane plus its variable load.

                                                He has worked on resistance and propulsion calculations for a 17' planing vessel, and has also assisted in the testing of this prototype vessel for T. L. Sinclair.

                                                Mr. Trenhaile has also worked on the determination of critical loading orientation and a in depth theoretical structural analysis, including composite section analysis of wood, steel and asphalt, as a result of container cargo crane operation for jack-up type barges.



                                    Project Engineer and Quality Assurance Manager

                                    PACIFIC MARINE, a Unitek Company, Honolulu, HI.    2/77- 5/81


                                                                This type of work involved numerous large and small scale projects for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Military Sealift Command, shipping companies, passenger liner companies and other maritime related companies, organizations and individuals; the scope of experience he obtained here is considerable, ranging from repair and fabrication to the complete redesign and overhaul of large vessels, including hull, superstructure, propulsion equipment, cargo service equipment, crew and passenger accommodations, piping, refrigeration, ventilation, insulation, heating, electrical, electronic and other ship equipment.

                                                Valuable experience was also obtained in dealing with administrators, managers, supervisors, engineers, technicians, subcontractors, salesmen, government representatives, work force and office staff.  Much of his time was spent with shop production supervisors, subcontractor supervisors, ship personnel and material suppliers in the procurement and distribution of information, and in the clarification of work scope, contract documents and drawings.  A considerable amount of his time was utilized in estimating labor, materials, ship checking and coordination bids with subcontractors; he also made labor distribution breakdowns (by trade) and item scheduling (milestone charts) as part of the bidding process.  Mr. Trenhaile was primarily responsible for some of the firms successful bids which ranged in value from approximately $500 to $2,000,000; he also assisted in the planning and monitoring the various phases of production.

                                                As a manager he was responsible for writing test and inspection plans for US Navy contract items and for the supervision of the quality assurance inspectors, also responsible in part for the program implementation and the continuity of the system.

                                                When required he has headed small marine engineering design teams to do technical work and drawings; this included the practical application of thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, chemistry, and solid mechanics.  These drawings often consisted of arrangements, bill of materials, installation details, operational diagrams and notes.  His duties also included teaching engineers and technicians for other managerial and administrative positions.





                                                Scientific Aide

                                    M. ROSENBLATT AND SON, San Francisco, California    7/76-8/76


                                                                Mr. Trenhaile was assigned to the scientific section and his primary work areas were foundation structural analysis, which included the effects of shock loading.  He also did numerous weights and moments calculations.  He also was assigned to check others work and develop and run computer program on frame loading formulas.                     


                                    Assistant to Vice Operations

                                    PACIFIC MARINE AND SUPPLY CO., LTD., Honolulu, HI    9/71-8/74


                                                                In this job Mr. Trenhaile was responsible for compiling technical and progress reports on US Navy and US Coast Guard contact work.  His duties also involved the drafting of mechanical, piping and structural drawings.  He was responsible for the distribution and filing of contract documents and plans as well as organizing and resenting this information for management review.  A considerable amount of his time was spent making detailed material takeoffs and obtaining and compiling prices for the material.

                                                He often served as company liaison when dealing with government representatives and various subcontractors.




                                                Fiberglass Worker and Carpenter

                                    PIPER MARINE CRAFT, Honolulu, HI.    7/71-9/71


                                                                Duties included fiberglass finishing and lay up, joining of structural parts, carpentry trim, formica work, fabrication of doors and door frames and fabrication a mold plug out of wood




                                                Boatbuilder and Technician

                                    HAWAIIAN SEAMASTER SAMPANS, INC., Kaneohe, HI.   4/71-7/71


                                                                Mr. Trenhaile's duties involved drafting detailed framing plans and assembly plans for 20'-30' boats.  He also built framing for the hulls and deckhouses, installed planking, did sanding and fiberglass installation and finishing of these plywood hulls.