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Hawaii Marine Company - naval architecture, boat & yacht design,  marine engineering, maritime expert witness, marine photography, NAVIC 10-92 submittals, nautical systems, professional engineer, stability tests, computer aided design and drafting services Ship, barge, boat, yacht and catamaran design calculations, technical reports and drawings for NVIC 10-92 submittals. USCG and ABS certification work, nautical systems, weights and moments, stability tests, computer aided design, drafting, maritime expert witness and phtography services.
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Company Update

This page contains a list of interesting projects completed, another list of vessels designed, additional services offered and a partial list of customers that Hawaii Marine Company has served.

Interesting Projects

  • Completed Stability Analysis for obtaining United States Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection on a 110' Workboat.  This analysis included the stability effects of vessel crane operations.
  • Stability analysis 100' Twin Z-Drive Tugboat completed and submitted to USCG Marine Safety Center, Washington, D. C. for review.  Similar analysis for other tugs were also completed.
  • Completed surface stability analysis of two University of Hawaii deep sea submersibles to American Bureau of Shipping requirements.  Lines drawings and computer hull models were created for very complex surfaces present on each of these submarines.  Drawings, reports and calculations were all converted to PDF format and submitted to ABS Houston for review.
  • Complete Stability Analysis for 96' Longline Commercial Fishing Vessel.  This includes, LInes Drawing, General Arrangement Drawings, tank & hold drawings & capacity tables, Torremolinos dynamic stability criteria, severe wind and wave criteria, lifting stability, water on deck analysis, damaged stability checks, stability instructions and freeing port checks.  Based on 46 CFR Part 28 Stability.
  • Deadweight Survey, Stability Analysis, and Detailed Structural Modifications for a 105' TWR located at Port Allen on Kauai.
  • Completed Stability and Structural Calculations for Barges with Deck Cranes
  • Provided Stability Analysis for a Large Deck Cargo Barge
  • Developed Scantling Optimization Routines to ABS & First Principles
  • Worked on NAVSEA Certification for a 517' Steel Floating Drydock
  • Completed Powering Calculations for Planing and Displacement Craft
  • Fast Recreational BoatStructural Calculations and Drawings for Polynesian Voyaging Canoes
  • Powering, Stability & Structural  Design for Conventional and Advanced Laminate Catamarans, Dive Boats
  • Application of American Bureau of Shipping High Speed Code
  • Completed piping system drawings for a keel cooler installations on a deep sea tug.  Also completed structural details drawings for these mods.  These drawings were submitted to ABS New Orleans for review.
  • Expert Witness Reports, Statements, Depositions, and Testimony regarding Marine Safety Practices, Ship and Boat Performance, Structures and Stability 

Vessels Designed

  • Commercial Fishing Vessel, 79' Steel Construction
  • Passenger River Boat, 72', Steel Construction, to USCG
  • Passenger Catamaran Float, 60', Steel ABS Construction
  • Dragon Boat, 39', Plywood
  • Commercial Fishing Vessel, 37', Steel Construction
  • Dive Boats for Scuba Tours, 32'  & 27' FRP Planing Hulls
  • Fishing Sampan, 12' Plywood & Utility Catamaran 12', Plywood & FRP
  • Kayak, 11' Plastic & Aluminum

Additional Services

  • Digital Marine Photography including Maritime, OceanSports & Recreation, Marine Historical &Navy
  • Expert Witness in structure, stability & vessel safety by a registered Professional Engineer.  This includes formal reports, site drawings, calculations, depositions & court testimony. 
  • Vessel design templates for analysis (structural, stability, powering, logging and other purposes), reporting &planning.
  • Ship and Boat Listings.
  • Marine Website search engine optimization and webpage development services.

Clients Served

  • Advanced Amphibious Design, Inc.
  • Aloha Dive Shop, Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii
  • American Hawaii Cruises, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Anini Fishing and Napali Sea Breeze Tours, Kilauea, Kauai
  • Atlantis Submarine Adventures, Honolulu
  • Behan Marine Associates, Hawaii Kai, Hawaii
  • BHP Hawaii, Pier 38, Honolulu
  • Cabras Marine Corporation, Agana, Guam
  • Captain Joe's Dive Charters & Excursions, Hawaii Kai, Oahu
  • Clear Blue Hawaii, Honolulu
  • CSC-Pan Am Kauai, Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii
  • Chris Bouslog, Attorney at Law, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Cynthia Farias, Attorney at Law, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Design Systems Engineering, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
  • Donald Hidani, Attorney at Law, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Glass Bottom Boats Hawaii, Inc., Kaneohe, Hawaii
  • Hawaii Shark Encounter Tours, Haleiwa, Hawaii
  • Hawaiian Aqua Products, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Hawaiian Dredging & Construction, Honolulu
  • Hawaiian InterIsland Towing, Oahu
  • Hawaiian Steel Boat Building, Oahu
  • Hawaiian Tug & Barge, Honolulu
  • Honolulu Shipyard Inc., Honolulu
  • Jardine Shipping Agencies, Honolulu, Oahu
  • Kaneohe Bay Cruises, Kaneohe, Oahu, HI
  • KMD (Kobus Marine Design), Cape Town, South Africa
  • Krueger - Wong, Trial Lawyers, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii
  • Makana's Charters & Tours, Kapaa, Kauai
  • Marisco Limited, Ewa Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
  • Matson Navigation, Honolulu
  • Offshore Marine Services, Perth, Western Australia
  • Na Kalai Wa'a O Kaua'i, Lihue, Kauai
  • Navatek Ships, Honolulu
  • P & R Water Taxi Ltd., Honolulu
  • Pacific Diving Industries, Honolulu
  • Pacific Resources Terminals, Inc., Honolulu
  • Preston Easley, Attorney at Law, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Plas Tech Limited, Honolulu
  • Ocean Passenger Steamer
  • Real Hawaii Tours, Waianae
  • Sinclair & Associates, Honolulu
  • Skoocumchuck Charters, LLC, Agana Harbor, Guam
  • Smith's Motor Boat Service, Kapaa, Kauai
  • Southshore Charters, Inc., Wailuku, Maui
  • Tasi Tours, Hagatna, Guam
  • Tow Boat Services & Management
  • Transoceanic Cable Ship Company, NJ
  • Uaukewai Diving Fishing & Salvage, Honolulu
  • University of Hawaii, Research Vessel Division, Snug Harbor, Oahu
  • University of Hawaii, Submersibles Division, Snug Harbor, Oahu
  • U. S. Coast Guard, 14th District, Honolulu
  • Voyager Submarines, Honolulu, Roberts Hawaii
  • Waialeale Boat Tours, Wailua, Kauai, Hawaii
  • Walashek Shipyard, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
  • Windcat Hawaii, Holualoa, Hawaii
  • Windjammer Cruises, Honolulu
  • Young Brothers Limited, Honolulu
  • Wild Side Specialty Tours, Waianae, Hawaii
  • Plus Others Not Listed